Cosmos Flowers

Tall, bushy with large profuse flowers. An old fashion favorite that attracts all the butterflies and hummingbirds

About October 30, 2008

Am old enough to understand the difference between the Bay of Pigs – and roasting a pig at a epicurian feast. Been thru the hippy, yippie and yuppie years – always remaining who I am. Very much believe in “Sing your own song – weave your own tapestry” Am young enough to still know the thrill of new discoveries, the beauty of the evening, to celebrate the joy of another tommorow. Survived these many decades with a severe medical problems. Sorting out the maze of now having two lymphomas and all their nasty little companions, but I continue. Besides, being a simple iconoclastic eclectic, have been called many things. An incurable romanticist – with a strong touch of reality. Thinker, intellectual (God, how I hate that term) – been told I am a lion with the heart of the poet. Know how to wage war and conquer my foes – but would rather be known as one who brings hope and life. To bring hope into anothers life is the ultimate of joys. Life should be about bringing hope, peace, vision… a sense of purpose beyond yourself.

I have lived with a hereditary condtion called lymphedema all my life and am a 13 year survivor of two B cell lymphomas.


History, Theoretical Physics, Horticulture, Current Events, the Internet


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